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Three themes give motto to our 4 Workshop's.
Two of them of crafts, in which we leave free reign to the creativity, another one in which the reflection and the well-being are the objective and another one in which the flavors of always will be the final result.

Preparação para os Caminhos de Santiago

Preparation for the Santiago Way

Many people want to do the Santiago Path but often have doubts and fears that the much (and often contradictory) information that can be found on the internet does not always help. With this workshop we will help each one find the best way to make their own Way.

Artes Decorativas

Decorative Arts

In this workshop you will learn techniques that allowed you to perform with all types of materials, unique decorative pieces and wth your Brand, to decorate your home or to offer to friends.

Meditação, Reiki e Bem Estar

Reiki, Meditation & Welfare

Learning to meditate is what we propose.
Integrate this practice in the day to day so as to free ourselves from what weighs us down and consciously lead us to life.
Make room in our interior to know how to deal with the emotions of everyday life.

Compotas, Licores & Ca.

Compotes, Liquors & Ca.

Smells and flavors of yesteryear is what we want to recover in this workshop, where fruit and vegetables of farmer will be the king ingredients for the elaboration of our jams, sweets and liqueurs.

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