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About us...

Hikers and pilgrims, we began this adventure with the aim of sharing with others the places that we were descovering and that dazzled us by its beauty, the originality, the immensity, the experience....

We organize trips and trips with walks, trekking, culture, gastronomy in Portugal, Spain and other countries. We specialize in guided programs, group programs for families and businesses, schools, as well as tailor-made programs. In the development of our programs we like to take care of all the details, including in these meals, accommodation, visits to protected areas, monuments in destinations of great beauty and patrimonial, cultural and environmental interest.

All our services and activities are prepared taking into account the level, age and needs of each group. 

Our Team

Ready to guide, support and cheer!

Ana Cristina Rocha, Guía

With a background in Tourism, throughout her life she found other paths that had fallen in love with her.

It was by chance that she discovered the Paths of Santiago, but the passion was so overwhelming that it turned her into a pilgrim of body and soul.
Partner of AACS-Viana, she is a volunteer hospitaler at the Pilgrims' Hostel in Caminha.
She has done many times some of the many Paths of Santiago: Portuguese Central, Portuguese by the Coast, Spiritual Variante, French, Finisterra.
Whenever she can, even if it is 2 or 3 days, take the backpack to go, and we quote: "give a hug to my friend Santiago."

Agustín Castro Cuña, Guía

From Galician roots, this Basque is a born walker. Former basketball player, former military legionary parachutist and later firefighter, is a great connoisseur of survival techniques.
Computer literate by profession, every day he walks in search of new rails, new routes ... because walking is living!
During the periods of youth vacations in Galicia, he made his first path to Santiago, discovering the magic of this ancient route.
By the Peaks of Europe spent 4 days of winter with landscape of snow, frozen rivers and lakes.
It also crossed the Pyrenees from coast to coast, up and down breathtaking landscapes!

Ester Machado, Guía

Proudly for her Braga roots, she always liked challenges.
After finishing his degree in International Relations,  joined the banking sector where stayed until 2014.

Always very active, volunteering is part of her day-to-day life, whether in the Food Bank or the Hospital de Braga.

Adept of Reiki and Meditation, she loves to organize thematic events that always surprise those present.

In 2017 he made her first Camino to Santiago and fell in love with this cultural itinerary. 

Our programs

Hikes, walks with or without walking, experiences, Caminos de Santiago ... it's just choosing what you like the most!


Experts in Saint James Way, highlight the Central Portuguese Way, the Portuguese Way of the Coast and all derivatives thereof.


Each route is different and unique, and we want each of them to be an enriching and unforgettable experience for each of the people who accompany us.


Destinations with historical, gastronomic, tourist interest ... the attractions are many and the guarantor of unforgettable walks.


Other pilgrimage routes with history and cultural interest, such as the Lebaniego Way and the Caravaca Cross Way.


These explorations take us to magical places, full of history and with natural environments to cut the breath.


For all those that a walk or a trek alone does not make much sense.


That why we all dream to do once in life.
We propose some very special destinations.


Workshop under the most varied themes; additional services and customized programs.

They are important pieces in our activities. With them we provide better programs!


  • Quinta do Caminho
  • Feel Viana Hotel
  • Quinta da Coroa
  • Albergue o Ninho
  • Albergue Ave de Fénix
  • Autos Brea
  • Atelier Empresarial
  • Viana Equestre
  • Miauz
  • Ir a Santiago
  • Caminhos Marianos
  • Movimento Caminhos Peregrinos
  • Gronze


Caminho da Coutada, 68 r/c
France, 4920-130 VN Cerveira PT


Email: info@adventure-way.com
Phone PT: +351 917 359 001
Phone ES: +34 621 006 352

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